In general, we get positive feedback about the “Super” Lemon qualities of this tribe, one of the most lemony we have encountered certain. The ultra-smooth and enjoyable smoke just put it over the top, making this one a must for lovers of taste and easy smoking. But beyond that, it has a quality focus and a vibrant energy throughout the body, eventually sinking into a soft and relaxed state. The long duration and above-average peak potential make this a no-brainer choice. Stem growth and superb all-around. Lemon Haze

Aroma : This is a lemon strain. It reminds us to “Lemonheads” candy. A sweet / sour combination, but a whole lemon. It was not super-sharp, and that made us just want to smell more.

Taste Again, amazing lemon qualities here, with the same sweet and sour tang, this time quite spicy. The Haze side is clearly visible in the flowery aftertaste, but it just screams lemon. The other notable feature is that the smoke was one of the smoothest around. Do not tend to cough. Burned it to a very light gray ash, which gives a big flush.

Effects : A strong tingling allover the body and around the head / face, low and Buzzy eyes with burning eyes, attention was fixed on one thing at a time, like other distractions fell by the wayside. . This seems like it would be a good strain for creative focus-oriented activities.feelings about the body drops to 1.5 hours, allowing the eye feeling and a strong appetite. calm and cool to finish, this was a standard Sativa-up than down-bow.

Medicinal Treatments : It is possible to use it as medicine. However, we are not responsible for any consequences, etc. The Lemon Haze, a major focus and thoughtful way of thinking, appetite stimulation, the body is relaxed towards the end, and possible ocular relief.


The Super Lemon Haze is a superstar. This tribe has already won two times the first prize at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam (2008 and 2009). The popularity of this tribe is on the shoulders of his predecessors. The father, Super Silver Haze, was already known that high honors and several awards in the late 1990s. It takes the right combination to create a Superstar. And in this case, the combination is a Lemon Skunkmother, a selection from a Citral x Skunk cross.

Lemon Haze seeds Lemon Haze seeds Lemon Haze seeds


LEMON HAZE 1Super Lemon Haze brings a fragrant lemon intensity Haze fans salivating and adding stable skunk genetics that will appeal to growers. The Haze influences still make this a better multi-branch plant. Super Lemon Haze retains a slim sativa growth patterns and forms extra long hair on the long bearded buds. This species does equally well in the soil or hydraulic, and prefers a high horsepower intake in later flowering. Although the Super Lemon Haze is technically grown both in- and outdoor, the limit is between 40 degrees latitude north and south outdoors. It is faster and more forgiving than the Haze dad, but most growers gardening in Super Lemon Haze The Great Indoors. When fully grown, Super Lemon Haze average is 3.5 meters indoors,but can be up to 10 meters high in the correct outdoor environment.


Haze Lemon X Genetic inheritance makes it possible to flower indoors for 9-10 weeks with a production of 700 gr sgm. When the seeds are fully grown outdoor, the cannabis seeds flowering finishers approx. at the middle of October. The Super Lemon Haze has a typical Christmas tree shape. Plants tend to grow very long, but the internodes are not too far apart and allow easy topping.


The Super Lemon Haze is outstanding. The taste is wonderful and THC level is over 22%, which is really awesome!

It is also recommended for growing on other media. Most of the times the Super Lemon Haze has the form of a christmas tree and a Sativa lookalike elements as well.

Lemon Haze grownThe leaves of the Super Lemon Haze are sativa-like, while bud formation comes dense and has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio. Super Lemon Haze is a really strong plant and is recommended for indoor and outdoor. When cultivated in soil, the spectrum of terpens is more developed and gives an extra lemony flavour. The THC is very high. Over 22%, ensuring a very psychedelic experience to even the most experienced smokers.

It has a sharp but citrus taste in combination with the soft taste of Haze. The effect is strong and it kicks in real fast. People describe it as social and creative. This is indeed a real winner.

A cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze resulted in a fantastic cannabistype with a high THC level.
Genetica: Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze
Effect: A very citrus-like Haze, works fast and lasts long. It has a very powerful high, very balanced between a physical and a cerebral side.

Medicinally effective in pain therapy and appetite stimulation.When flowering inside: 9 to 10 weeks with a maximum of 700 gr/m².
When flowering outside: finished the beginning of october. An income of 1000 gr/plant.

THC: 22.9%
CBD: not available
CBG: not available

(It is recommended to give tall plants more support!)